Censory Perceptions

There seems to be an abundance of censors and literary gatekeepers to prevent raw young adult literature from being presented to publishing houses. Based on my brief research, publishing houses are desperately seeking raw and gritty young adult material, but will not accept it from unsolicited authors. So, you see, one could stand to reason that they’ve boxed themselves into a prison of sorts. I’m sure they receive no shortage of material., but it might be time for a shift in logistics.

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10 thoughts on “Censory Perceptions

  1. Julie Dunbar says:

    I’m an aspiring writer and I have noticed that the gatekeeping system in place is quite fierce. Some of it makes sense but most of it is senseless and results in shutouts

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  2. john c. says:

    do you have any idea what would happen if they allowed everyone who fancied themselves a writer to submit manuscripts without an agent? nothing would ever get finished because they would be bogged down with slush. maybe your writing just wasn’t what you thought it was


    • CālixImplied says:

      Hi John. I’m not sure if your comment is directed towards Julie or myself. Either way, I think the possibilities are endless in the what if department. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I think is an american thing. Here in Canada, its slightly different. As for censorship, its a requirement. Nothing can be too far outside of the lines or shocking to the conscience because it wont sell. Just remember that times change, policy and politics always change.


    • CālixImplied says:

      Of course censorship is required. Or as I refer to it, “editing”. It can seem tedious and tiresome to censor fictional adult dialogue on the basis of how well one believes the general public will respond. The thing about fiction is that no one is required to purchase nor read it. There should be the greatest variety of it. There’s specifically a media call for it. I guess it’s like asking for a pinch of salt – and finding that pinch to be too much for your taste. LOL, crappy analogy but it’s the best I could do. Thanks for reading & commenting!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I can understand why you make this blog. You can’t even spell. The correct grammer is SENSORY perceptions. Not censory


    • CālixImplied says:

      LOL thanks Mr. Anonymous! I appreciate your attempt to correct my “GRAMMAR”. However, the different spelling is an intended pun regarding the censor of fictional dialogue. Nice try though. Have the greatest day ever! 😉


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