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ICYMI: The Scion Saga by Calix Leigh-Reign is currently on sale! The largest sale to date, never to be repeated.

Scion Saga Holiday Sale 5

The paperback price has been reduced to a jaw dropping $7.99 (regular price $14.99). The eBook on Amazon is now $2.99, but free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Prime Members get FREE SHIPPING.Scion Saga Holiday Sale 1

Available every books are sold. Including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and !

We implore you not to miss out on this once in a lifetime sale. It’ll be over before you’re able to say Merry Christmas!

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Scion Saga Joining Marvel?

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We want to know if there’s any truth to the rumors that the Scion Saga could possibly be joining the Marvel family! We’re holding our excitement in until something is confirmed.


We can definitely see the Descendants fitting in quite nicely underneath Marvel’s umbrella. We’re most anxious to see if Carly Wit is more powerful than The Phoenix!

Oh goodness, let’s keep our fingers crossed that someday we’ll see the Descendant’s glowing Limbal Rings come to life on the big screen!

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Opaque 1 Year Anniversary!

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Opaque!

B168 - 2
It’s so hard to believe that it’s already been a full year since the release of Opaque: Scion Saga Book 1! It seems like yesterday that we read it, fell in love, then read it a few dozen more times. We dream of the day that the Scion Saga Series will be made into a motion picture or television series. It truly has that much potential.
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As a special thank you to all those who made Opaque a #1 bestseller on Amazon, and in honor of its 1 year release, the author has pledged to discount Opaque starting October 24th, with a sneak peak of Specular: Book 3 available exclusively through the Scion Saga Addiction Fan Club! 🎉🎈
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Special thank you’s to everyone who made the success of the Scion Saga possible!

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Special thanks to all of the lovely Scion Saga fans out there for making Opaque #1 on Amazon. Although it’s currently #3, it made all the difference in the world!

#1 Bestseller

Opaque has spent many moments at #1, and each time, I get butterflies. With minor talks of the Scion Saga possibly joining the Marvel family (fingers crossed), this was a wonderful treat!

FotoJet DesignLet’s show the world that imperfect young adults are as glorious as those who seem picture-perfect, but really are not, because no one ever is. Let’s all embrace our imperfections and become better humans. Together!

Again, thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic support! Tell a friend and spread the word that the Scion Saga has arrived! #TeamWit

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Join the Scion Saga Addiction Fan Club for the most recent updates on the series!

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All My Best,

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If you’re into realistic Sci-Fi with familial and supernatural undertones, the Scion Saga Series if perfect for you!



Thanks for being so awesome!

Read Opaque: Scion Saga Book 1 for free right now on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited!B168


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The Levkin’s are known to be grumpy and bipolar. But multi-talented. They are inexplicably drawn to the Fokin Bloodline. They’re primarily conductors, though not all exhibit a trait. The main Levkin’s in the seriesare Ksenyia and Krill.

Krill Levkin

Krill Levkin Bloodline Post

Krill split most of life between a Scottish military service and other various unknown training camps. He has the massive frame of a bodybuilder and a blonde buzz cut. His appearance alone if intimidating. He’s a human armory. A walking military tank. He can expel most any form of weaponry from his core — including missiles. His Limbal Ring is silver.

Ksenyia Levkin

Ksenyia Levkin Facebook Post 2

Ksenyia is, at first glance, a supermodel. She’s 5’10, slender, and British. She’s slightly arrogant, but highly skilled in bio-sorcery. She’s a conductor and can re-purpose energy from other Descendants. She also has the ability to mentally torture others. Her Limbal Ring is Bronze.


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Kashirin’s are highly intelligent, traitorous, and selfish. The main Kashirin in the seriesis Fenyx.

Fenyx Kashirin

Kashirin Bloodline Post

Fenyx has a perfect I.Q. She’s extremely intelligent, skilled in advanced technology, and often develops programs and assets for Afrax. She wears eyeglasses, a ponytail, and has a slight frame — but she’s humbly gorgeous. Fenyx’s primary trait is the projection of force fields. Her Limbal Ring is Saffron.

Fenyx has several other relatives who are located at Afrax. Felipa Kashirin served on the council until she was removed by majority vote.

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The Fokin’s are keepers, lovestruck, and harmonious. The two Fokin’s in the first installmentare Baxter and Sage.

Sage Fokin

Fokin Bloodline Post 2Sage is a lanky prankster who fancies himself in love in Fenyx. He’s initially outspoken and braggadocios. He enjoys grandiosity, but he’s generally friendly and quick-witted. Sage can emit ectoplasmic/electricity attacks and shockwave emissions in the form of spirals, rings, and blasts. He primarily releases his attacks in the form of bolts and rings. His Limbal Ring is Mindago green.

Baxter Fokin

Baxter is an Afrax council member. He doesn’t exhibit a trait, but has accumulated years of wisdom. He’s a bitter middle-aged man who doesn’t like change. He’s known to use fear as a tool to control other council members so that they won’t vote in favor to fight back.

Fokin Bloodline Post

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Osborn’s are resilient, trustworthy, calm, brutal, resourceful, and quiet. Though other Osborn’s make a brief appearance in Opaque: Book 1, only Valentina Osborn is mainline.

Valentina Osborn

Osborn Bloodline Post

Val is Adam’s best friend, Ksenyia’s mate, and the only Descendant who has resided at all of the existing safe houses. She prefers darker colored lipsticks and nail polishes. She often wears eccentric silver jewelry and is an artist in her own right. She’s quiet, but quite brutal.

Deluxe_Dismembered_Body_1400__27945_grandeShe’s able to dismember the human body, with or without killing them. Her skill and is gruesome and vicious! Her Limbal Ring is fuchsia in color.

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