The Scion Saga

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The Scion Saga Series by Calix Leigh-Reign



“A Supernatural story sprinkled with eccentric teenage romance.” — Emerald Book Reviews

“Bold character development and strong mythology breathe life into this compelling young adult fantasy.” — Foreword Reviews

“Calix does an excellent job with the plot and the twists at the end. The world she draws you into is unique…” — Christinac_2585 of

Opaque (Scion Saga) is a huge success, and the author comes across as a master storyteller.” — San Francisco Book Review

“Cālix Leigh-Reign’s writing style is what I loved most about this book. I lost count of how many times I stopped reading and sat in awe…” – Carpe Fiction


“A…rousing, supernatural tale combined with a gleefully eccentric teenage romance.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Author Calix Leigh-Reign weaves an intense tale in this compelling young adult fantasy. With its intriguing twists and turns it will easily captivate the reader’s attention from the beginning to the story’s dramatic conclusion.” — Emerald Book Reviews

“The story is well visualized and readers will be delighted to find that the plot is not predictable.” —


The characters are hors pair, well-imagined and beautifully laid out in a story that is filled with twists and surprises. This is a page-turner, an exciting story, and a huge promise for a debut.” — San Francisco Book Review

“The story had every element a good story should have. An exciting plot, attention to detail, but best of all fleshed out, well-written and well-rounded character development. There’s an abundance of well illustrated scenes that will make you feel like you are right there in the story, and that’s something I really look for in a good book.” — Emerald Book Reviews

“No casual coming-of-age story. Opaque is laden with angst, psychological power, and is a tale of dysfunction in a world where supernatural abilities can thwart mental illness, where a mysterious Afro-Russian girl who holds the power to divert Adam from the apocalypse he’s preparing for the future.” — Donovan Literary Services

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“The moment I read the first sentence of the book’s prologue, I knew I would love this book. I wasn’t wrong.” – CarpeFiction

“A tense page-turner that does more than present a teen’s world. It pulls the reader in to an evolutionary process that is far more than one of transition points, but embraces moral and ethical conundrums..” — Midwest Book Review

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With a much saturated Young Adult/Sci-Fi genre, many crave an untapped Sci-Fi niche. Opaque delivers in this gripping page-turner involving mutated Limbal rings, biokenretic anomalies, mental dysfunction, perplexing Russian ancestry & romance. Cālix takes us on an adventure that begins when 16 year old misanthropic Adam Caspian unknowingly reaches biokenretic puberty, and his supernatural abilities awaken to save him from his murderous intentions.

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Specular GIFHis every thought revolves around the extinction of the human race until mysterious Afro-Russian Carly Wit stumbles into his English class one morning. Adam notices something otherworldly about her immediately but denies the bio-synch taking place inside of him.

As he resists their blossoming love, he battles with unnatural thoughts of his mother. Discovering his origin isn’t what he’d thought, he becomes determined to peel back the layers of his lineage and unmasks a multitude of mind-bending secrets along the way.


Opaque is the first installment in The Scion Saga. Currently available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble , Books-A-Million, and everywhere books are sold. Join the latest phenomenon sweeping the nation, and reserve your copy today!


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