Split Adam: Scion Saga Book 2


Here are the most common questions fans ask after reading Opaque:

1.) Will Carly decide to convert the serum inside of Jo or destroy it?

2.) Does Adam’s mental state improve on the basis of his supernatural abilities alone?

3.) How did their cells mutate? Was it Chernobyl?

4.) What’s going to happen with Adam’s biological mother, Alexandra?

5.) What’s going on with the other descendant facilities?

6.) How old are the Descendants?

7.) Will book 2 reveal Dauma’s cryptic message about Carly seeing her again when she figures things out?

51282814 - set of ornamental indian elements and symbols

I would love to answer each and every one of these questions. But if I do, I’ll just spoil it for everyone, and this is a spoiler free zone. What I will tell you is that all of these questions are answered in Split Adam: Book 2. All except #4 and #7. Those answers won’t come until Specular: Book 3. By then, you’ll be in total shock. But in all the right ways.

Split Adam is guaranteed to knock your socks off! I hope that you’re enjoying the Scion Saga adventure thus far. Follow the Scion Saga Addiction Fan Page on Facebook, or follow on Twitter @ScionSaga



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